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We are extremely proud of the historical success of the track & field program.  However, the emphasis on the team is individual achievement of personal best.  We celebrate everyones best times and marks and help each other to achieve their goals.  

We are presently a very young team with only a few seniors, however, we have a great deal of talent at the middle school, freshman, sophomore and junior levels, which bodes extremely well for the future. The goal of our program, which is comprised of student-athletes in grades 7-12, is to demonstrate to each athlete the enormous potential they have in their events, and to guide them using reasonable but challenging methods to reach their full potential. We emphasize consistent hard work, building a strong foundation in which they can use to do their best and carry over into any other sport. Our whole team philosophy is based on teaching lifetime fitness, friendship, and relationship skills based on mutual respect for each other’s work ethics, regardless of talent level. The success of the program comes from all those athletes who come prepared, with a desire to improve and work very hard every day without making any excuses, as they understand that a balance is needed to succeed. No matter what the outcome is at the end of the season or the level of talent we have for the year, we expect all athletes to have a great fitness level and knowledge that they can carry with them for life.

The coaching staff are extremely fortunate to coach a team of incredibly hard working, enthusiastic and fun-loving boys and girls, at an elite academic school which happens to also be a very warm and welcoming place. 


Andrew Drzewiecki

Assistant Coach: Throws

Scott Stadem

Scott Stadem

Assistant Coach: Horizontal Jumps

Vince Donahoe

Assistant Coach: High Jump and Hurdles

Joe Xiong

Assistant Coach: Middle School

Charlie Cracraft

Head Coach: Pole Vault

Phone: 952-988-3509